About Us

β€œ2OnIt!Fit” is a fitness team, founded in 2017.

It's a union between β€œ2OnIt!”, a collective of professionals, and the passion of fit athletes. The idea is working together, athletes and professionals, in order to progress in our careers while sharing the same path.

We want to build a competitive, strong and contemporary team to contend in the most popular European competitions. The passion for Crossfit and Spartan Race was born last year, participating in some amateur tournaments, without knowing what we'd meet trusting the desire to challenge ourselves and our abilities.

Gradually we refined our athletic training and technique with the intention of improoving them in the 2018/2019 season, aiming at ever better results.


Jonathan Mercurio


Milano (IT)

Move yourself, no matter what!

I have always led a rather sedentary life, the only sport I used to practice was football at an amateur level. Until 2015, when I reached a condition, that for me, was no longer sustainable (90 kg of body weight and obviously overweight), I've decided to 'get back in shape'.

From that day, which I still remember: July 21st 2015, when I have made my first run, I have not stopped so much as to become a point of reference and inspiration for many of my friends who have decided to undertake a more athletic and balanced lifestyle.

Today, after almost three years of exhausting training, after weighed meals and heavy rocker weights, I have decided to test myself once again and become not only a Coach and Personal Trainer, but also a full qualified athlete.

Jacopo Aimi


Milano (IT)

Take your soul everywhere!

Growing up I was a rather small and frail child, but this has never stopped me. Starting with my early years I have practiced various sports that have always faced me to new difficulties: swimming, water polo, football and rugby have been just the beginning, the more I grew up the more I felt the need for that adrenaline inside of me, that only certain challenges can give you.

This has pushed me towards more and more extreme sports. Overtime I've discovered Crossfit and the OCR competitions like the Spartan Race, which have put me in front of many training sessions and just as many sacrifices.

Now, every single moment is the right one to set new targets, overcome my limits and go down new roads, even where there aren't any.

Luca Cosmai


Milano (IT)

Be Better!

I have been raised by my parents with the concept that sport was just as important as school, as a matter of fact since I was a child I practiced sports at a competitive level, among other things swimming and artistic gymnastics.

In 2013, while looking for new incentives, I have learned about the Crossfit, that I immediately became passionate about and from that moment on have never stopped persuing it.

For three years now doing this I compete furthermore in Crossfit races and Weightlifting contests, in search of ever better results.






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